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OTL#213 - Sachi Cunningham

One of the worlds great water women, and cancer survivor Sachi Cunningham is a documentary filmmaker and Professor Journalism at San Francisco State. Her award winning stories have been published in the New York Times, and Los Angeles Times,
A graduate of UC Berkeley and Brown University, Cunningham's documentaries focus on the ocean environment….. where has swum with her camera along side everything from big wave surfers, a 350-pound blue fin tuna, to Olympian, Michael Phelps…. Tune in Tuesday to the Off the Lip Radio Show at 7 pm on KSCO & aired on Facebook Live with SC Waves


OTL#211 - The Cousin Band

An truly amazing show.... 3 Santa Cruz families who do more than surf and skate, together they make up The Cousin Band, and we were honored to have them perform in the studio.

OTL#197 - The Devils Sliders

The Devils Sliders absolutely rocked the show.... 12 year old Easton Romero was on drums, 10 year old Colter Romero played lead guitar and vocals, and 10 year old Manoa Neukermans, played a bass guitar that was bigger than him !!!..... an amazing show!!

OTL#196 - Steve Coletta

Steve Coletta first surfed in 1959, and began his shaping surfboards in 1967, and is still shaping to this day. For this Off the Lip Radio show, I sit down with Steve for a one on one interview to talk about his storied career.