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OTL#197 - The Devils Sliders

The Devils Sliders absolutely rocked the show.... 12 year old Easton Romero was on drums, 10 year old Colter Romero played lead guitar and vocals, and 10 year old Manoa Neukermans, played a bass guitar that was bigger than him !!!..... an amazing show!!

OTL#196 - Steve Coletta

Steve Coletta first surfed in 1959, and began his shaping surfboards in 1967, and is still shaping to this day. For this Off the Lip Radio show, I sit down with Steve for a one on one interview to talk about his storied career.

OTL#185 - Devin and Veronica Eckhardt

Thank you to Devin and Veronica Eckhardt for being the guests of our most important show yet.... and to share with us the life of their late son Connor, and the tragedy that took his life, and how they have dedicated themselves to making sure no further child suffers the same tragedy....

OTL#184 - Camino

For your listening pleasure, San Francisco Bay Area band Camino came to the Off the Lip Radio Show and gave us a wonderful live concert!

OTL#183 - Stretch

We knew he was going to be an entertaining guest, and he did not let us down.... Thanks Stretch! & thank you to Aaron Bistrin from The Jerk House for coming on the show.