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OTL#245 - Nomalakadoja



Nomalakadoja's feel good music is a blend of reggae, rock, and island styles. Their positive lyrics and upbeat rhythms are sure to bring smiles and dancing feet. Nomalakadoja is a three-piece band made up of lead singer and drummer Spencer Vantress, guitarist and vocalist Alex Walther, and bassist Zack Thorensen.



OTL#242 - Dr. Doug Hetzler


World renowned Surfer's Ear surgeon was this weeks guest.... and TC and myself wore neck ties out of respect for the only guest who has ever worn a tie on the show since the beginning.

OTL#240 - Darrin Caddes


Now Vice President of Santa Cruz based Plantronics, his career has led him to work for BMW, Fiat and Indian Motorcycles.... his personal life story you will also find fascinating.

OTL#234 - Pastor Rene Schlaepfer


Pastor Rene Schlaepfer from Twin Lakes Church, always such an interesting and entertaining guest, both TC and myself are so grateful that he is makes the time to come on the show. Also, thank you to Elizabeth Hunnicutt from Twin Lakes for sharing music from their new album.

OTL#233 - Taylor Reinhold


Santa Cruz muralist Taylor Reinhold was our guest. On the show he drew a piece of his art, that we auctioned off on the air, with the monies going to the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter.

OTL#232 - Shawn and Kai Dollar


Big Wave surfer, and 2x Guiness Book of World Record holder Shawn Dollar stopped by with his son Kai, and gave us a no holds barred account of his ongoing recovery from a broken neck and a series of concussions from surfing giant waves.